Property in Andheri West Mumbai

Property in Andheri West Mumbai

  • Developer
    • Platinum Corp
  • Location
    • Andheri West
  • Property
    • Residential Apartments
  • Property Type
    • Residential
  • Status
    • Under Construction
Property in Andheri West Mumbai (1)

About Andheri West, Mumbai

property in Andheri West in Mumbai is an aspiration for millennials. People from various cities are presently looking for sophisticated properties in this area. In recent years, the reputed real estate developers have come up with several new projects in Andheri West. Located near the important business zones in Mumbai, Andheri offers lots of career opportunities to the residents.

Investors and homeowners from various parts of the country are interested in the residential projects in Andheri West. With the prices soaring over the years, it would be a good decision to buy a property here now.

The real estate developers have integrated a wide range of amenities in the complexes, that they have developed here in recent years. Considering the changing tastes of people, the developers have come up with several lifestyles and healthcare amenities. These include a swimming pool, gym, provisions for various indoor and outdoor games and much more.

The kids in these complexes can spend their time in the play areas. Besides, the residents in the flats in Andheri West can enjoy splendid green views from their apartments. The interiors of these apartments have been integrated with sophisticated amenities. Considering the rising prices of apartments in Mumbai, this would be the most appropriate time to make your investment.

In recent years, the commercial infrastructure, particularly the IT industry in Mumbai has been fast developing. Corporate employees, therefore, can enjoy lots of career opportunities in the city. With an apartment here, one can easily get an approach to the prominent business zones in Mumbai. The transportation system in the city has been leveraged over the years. This ensures that the residents can get a seamless approach to the important places in and around the city.

The social infrastructure in Andheri West has been witnessing a constant up-gradation over the last decade. Presently, the residents moving to the new apartments can enjoy a seamless approach to the other parts of the city. The apartments in Andheri West are drawing people from several income groups.

The reason is, you can find both luxury and affordable apartments in this area. Besides, some people are investing in the new residential projects in Andheri, considering the investment potential. High returns in the form of lease and rents can give you a consistent flow of funds in the coming years. Therefore, you must invest in one of the new apartments in Andheri West now.

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