M3M Oxygen Gurugram – Best Offer 2021 by M3M India

“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”
-Albert Einstein
This quote by Albert Einstein never ceases to hold its importance. It becomes even more relevant todaywhen the world is facing an unprecedented and probably one of the most harrowing crises humanity has ever faced.
If we turn the pages of history, we find that every crisis has led to some remarkable achievements. The 1920 pandemic led to major innovations in the field of medicine, science and technology that transformed human lives completely. We discovered Penicillin which is today the most widely used antibiotic and saves a million lives every year. During the first and second World Wars, technology witnessed a different phase of advancement altogether and made our lives comfortable.

We are soon going to witness something similar in Real Estate sector too. M3M is all set to transform covid crisis into an opportunity for the real estate buyers and investors. It is coming up with the biggest and the most unique event of the year 2021- M3M Oxygen.

What is ‘M3M Oxygen Gurgaon Offer’?

M3M Oxygen is the biggest event of 2021 which will showcase the best works of M3M till date. One can avail exclusive deals on a range of commercial and residential properties in some of the thriving localities in Gurugram. M3M has already announced the first dose of this unique proposition that is 25:75 payment plan. The buyer is supposed to pay only 25% now and rest on possession. Also, the buyers or investors are supposed to pay Rs. 1 Lakh as registration fee that will make them eligible for this scheme.

Why Visit M3M Oxygen Gurugram?

M3M Oxygen isn’t just an event but also a complete guidance platform to help you decide which investment is perfect for you and suits your requirements the best. Here are some of the reasons why you must visit the event:

i) Wide range of options with investment guidance
M3M Oxygen will showcase wide variety of commercial and residential projects. Buyers will get an opportunity to select from the best as per their needs. In these uncertain times, it becomes all the more important to weigh all the parameters and risk factors before making an investment. Hence, this event won’t just present investment opportunities but will also guide you to make an informed decision in real estate.

ii) Exclusive Offers and Deals
Corona crisis has impacted each and every walk of life, every sector of economy and real estate is no exception. So, there has always been a dearth of offers and deals on properties in recent times. M3M is all set to fix this with a wide range of exclusive and unique propositions on its properties. Hence, this will end the long wait of the prospective buyers and investors to avail lucrative offers.

iii) Promising Locations
In real estate, the first and the foremost thing to be considered while making an investment is location. All the properties of M3M are located in Gurugram. Gurugram has seen rapid urbanization and is the leading financial and industrial hub in the country. The growth story of Gurgaon is being replicated by several other cities. M3M has all its properties located in some of the rapidly emerging corridors in Gurugram which store a massive growth potential.

iv) Brand Name
North India’s No.1 developer, M3M has carved a niche for itself in a very short span of time. M3M locates the emerging micro-markets in real estate and addresses the ever-changing needs of investors and buyers by introducing unmatched luxury, class, quality and innovation. No other developer has introduced this many lucrative deals, offers and events as M3M. It has launched some truly iconic residential and commercial projects in Gurugram. M3M has a separate customer base because of its impeccable products and services.

Projects Under M3M Oxygen Scheme

1) M3M Residential Projects in Gurugram

i) M3M Heights
M3M Heights offers meticulously designed and thoughtfully planned residences at Sector-65, Golf Course Extension. It redefines urban living by introducing you to a whole new level of luxury amidst landscape surroundings. It offers 2 & 3 BHK residences with exclusive amenities, ensuring personalized experiences for everyone.

ii) M3M Skycity
M3M Skycity offers 2 & 3 BHK residences at Sec-65, Golf Course Extension Road and is M3M’s exclusive venture to give a makeover to modern lifestyle. The acme of availability and access, M3M Skycity is located at a stone’s throw from all the necessities to ensure residents can cherish their moments with their friends and family.

iii) M3M Polo Suites
With special emphasis on the concept of royal lifestyle, M3M Polo Suites offers limited edition 3 & 4 Bedroom suites that exude luxury and elegance with some of the finest indulgences. Located amidst a high-end locality in sector-65, Golf Course Road Extension, M3M Polo suites has exclusive Polo Lounge with modern elegance and exquisite décor.

iv) M3M Latitude
As the name suggests, M3M Latitude is an upscale and sophisticated concept replete with all the modern indulgences, offering 162 limited residential units at Sector-65, Golf Course Extension. M3M Latitude ensures iconic living experience for you with uninterrupted views for miles on all sides.

2) M3M Commercial Projects in Gurugram

i) M3M 65th Avenue
M3M 65th Avenue is located at Sector-65, Golf Course Extension Road and presents an international style mixed use development that offers living spaces and retail. It showcases some of the renowned brands and gives ample opportunities to the visitors to put their leisure time to the best use. It truly reflects the energy and vibrancy of the ‘Millennium City.’ It has multiple hand out zones, provision for multiple activities, several seating spaces, theme-based water bodies and connecting bridges between the stores. It resides amidst the lush green landscape.

ii) M3M Broadway
M3M Broadway is located at Sector-71, Golf Course Extension Road and presents itself as one stop destination for all your needs. With iconic high-street retail, uber gaming arcade, multiplex, and food court, M3M Broadway offers unique mix of activities with a touch of international charm. It is surrounded by upscale developments and is strategically placed in Gurgaon’s next growth corridor.

iii) M3M Urbana Premium
M3M Urbana Premium is located at sector-67, Gold Course Extn. Road and is a LEED certified and Griha rated commercial project that offers premium office spaces with modern amenities. It is a part of a large-scale development that includes residential complexes, hotels, entertainment avenues and retail. It has been designed using modern architecture and design aesthetics.

iv) M3M IFC

M3M IFC is located at Sector-66, Golf Course Road Extension and it presents a unique concept for modern businesses by offering highly tailored offices, F&B spaces and entertainment avenues. It is spread across 18 hectares and equipped with 3-layer security, 24×7 video surveillance, triple height lobby, high-end automation, terrace garden, multi-level parking, landscape features, pedestrian facilities etc.

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