Luxury Apartments – Types & Features

The metro cities in India has a number of luxury residential communities. The most renowned developers present different developments and townships featuring homes that vary in price, style, layout, location and many more factors. Luxury apartments or luxurious homes, do not offer just a place to stay, they offer a lifestyle, advanced than the usual. In the upmarket locations that offer the excellent connectivity and let you stay close to convenience, yet cocooned from the hustle bustle, with the amenities and recreation avenues at your door step, the luxury segment of real estate market offers a lot of perks to the home buyers. Luxury apartments feature more spacious floor plans and tend to update the spaces with stylish interiors/furniture/appliances. All these living spaces present a high-quality feel that could be showcased in the form of a modular kitchens or premium quality bath fittings. With aesthetic planning used for every corner, a luxury home is made functional and elegant implying the spacious and free-flow floor plans, wrap-around balconies, floor-to-ceiling windows, wooden or tiled flooring and many such features.

There are different types of apartments classified by size, features and utilities. The luxury apartments are categorized owing to the specific reasons. Let’s have a look:

Penthouse Apartments:  It is a luxury apartment that is placed on the top most floor of the building. Offering the beautiful views of the skyline and the landscape, balconies and roof-top decks, sit-out areas, Penthouses can either be multi-level or spread largely across one level.

Studio Apartments:  Relatively smaller apartments that have kitchen, bathroom and bedroom integrated well within one single space, or in other words, all the essential rooms in an apartment without any barrier of walls or divisions is a studio apartment. Also, known as the fancy of the artists, they are popular as Bachelor Apartment or Efficiency Apartment.

High Rise Apartments: Owing to large population and the crumpled nature of homes in the metropolitan cities, high rise apartments are tall structures offering living spaces. They mostly offer the state of art structures, gated community, recreation avenues and units varying in size and price.

Low Rise Apartments: In comparison to High Rise Apartments, these apartments are relatively smaller structures. They do not include as many floors as in a high rise apartment and usually offer low density and more privacy.

Loft: A loft apartment is defined as a large, double-height space, usually without any internal walls (except for the bathroom) and the usable multi-level space. In addition to their wide-open feel, loft apartments are also characterized by high ceilings, support beams and poles, and often floor-to-ceiling windows.

Duplex or Triplex Apartments: Apartments that have  two storeys and a common entrance with a private staircase to reach the first floor is known as Duplex Apartment, while an apartment with 3 storeys is known as a Triplex. These apartments offer added space for more rooms as their design is optimized for it.

Serviced Apartments: Also known as the extended stay apartment, the serviced apartments are popular for the luxury and privacy they offer. These are fully-furnished living spaces providing hotel-like amenities such as room service, house-keeping, a laundry room and more.

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