Green Residential Projects Using Technology To Provide Clean Air

With a greater number of homeowners willing to invest in apartments with green living facilities, developers are focusing on technology, can provide clean air in the complexes. In the last few years, several new projects have been developed, prioritizing green living facilities. Besides, the developers integrate eco-friendly features like rainwater harvesting systems and solar panels in the complexes to enhance the air quality. Investors willing to buy a residential project in Pune or any other city often consider the environmental aspects in the complexes. In the process, projects that come with technologies to clean the air quality are getting sold off fast. Projects like DLF Camellias have set benchmarks in the real estate industry in India, with sophisticated air-cleaning features. The residential apartment in Gurgaon, has used extensive methods within to ensure that good air quality levels are maintained within the luxury complex.

Here are some of the ways, through which air quality can be improved in modern homes:

Green living facilities

In most of the housing projects that are being developed in the metro cities, the developers are focusing on green living facilities. It is one of the easiest ways to keep our environment clean. In case you are interested in buying an apartment in property in Pune or any other city, make sure that the residential complex brings you plenty of open space. The green zones in the complex, particularly the parks and landscaped gardens keep the environment clean. The new projects are being developed in such a way, that the residents can enjoy the blissful living environment. Particularly, the residential projects in Thane, that have been developed in the last five years have been integrated with these features.

Air purifiers

One of the most effective ways to keep the environment clean in the residential complexes is to use air purifiers. Particularly, in luxury projects in India, this technique is being extensively used to purify the quality of air. In case you are interested in buying an upcoming residential project in one of the metro cities in India, you should go for a complex with such advanced features. You must have heard of smog towers, that absorb the polluted air around the complexes. In this process, the air gets purified. The developers are increasingly integrating these technologies, so that the residents can enjoy clean air in the complexes. Whether you are interested in buying a residential property in Gurgaon or Delhi, you can opt for complexes with these features.

Green Construction

Developers are also adopting green building concepts in India, which uses less water, has higher energy efficiency, and conserves natural resources. These developments produce less waste and offer a healthier space for residents, when compared with conventional properties. A number of home buyers now prefer property in Mumbai, which has been developed using these green concepts.

Developers are launching projects which are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified. India. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED-INDIA) Green Building Rating System has become a point of reference in India as well as globally for the design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings.

These projects are 100 percent powered by renewable sources of energy. The structures are designed to ensure maximum sunlight and reduce the need for artificial lighting. A number of townships and luxury projects are also including green belts within the complexes, in a bid to reduce the carbon footprint.

Presently, Delhi has been facing serious pollution issues. The demand for homes with green living features has been increasing in this city. However, considering the high level of smog and pollution in Delhi, it would be logical to get an apartment, with air purifiers around. The new residential projects in Gurgaon have been integrated with such features as well, so that the families in these estates can enjoy clean air. Considering the high level of pollution around the city, it would be a good decision to invest in such projects.

India has determined a target of attaining 10 billion sq. ft. of green building mark by 2022. The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) is hoping that all Indian buildings including hospitals, residences, hotels, shopping malls, etc. have some green components in order to reduce our carbon footprint. India is currently ranked third in the world after China and Canada for LED green buildings. LEED is working closely with the state governments and developers in a bid to create a sustainable platform for development. The demand for green concepts is growing continuously and the number of green projects in India are expected to increase in the coming years which will positively impact development.

Presently, the developers are coming up with residential projects in Mumbai, Pune and other cities, with air cleaning technologies. You might look out for one of these apartments to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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